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Building Future Worlds

in new and exciting ways

INC3 helps organizations grow, innovate and solve problems using business design, worldbuilding and intelligence analysis. Our efficiency is matched only by the grit with which we push the boundaries of technology and science for our clients. In that particular sense, we are unlike any company you've worked with.

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Safeguarding the future

We're committed to excellence in the industries we operate in and ensuring our work protects the future is paramount. Broadly, we're focused on artificial intelligence, health, robotics, SaaS, energy, agricultural, industrial, real estate, space and military projects. Click here to get in touch.

About Us

A little bit of insight

INC3 originally specialized in innovation consulting that positively impacts the human kind. Based on our legacy of design thinking, we are able to connect dots in most unthinkable ways in order to efficiently help organizations innovate.

Our founding credo states that we have to do great, meaningful work with an indisputable positive impact. And in order to do that in an efficient way, we actively work with a limited number of organizations at any given time.

We proudly serve private companies, research centers and governments on matters related to intelligence, futurism and innovation, as well as human resources, sales, marketing, management and business development.